Friday, March 16, 2012

Making science real: photo-sharing in biology and chemistry "In this paper, we examine students’ reflections about the value of two photosharing activities that were implemented in undergraduate Biology and Chemistry subjects. Both activities aimed, broadly, to provide support for authentic and meaningful learning experiences in undergraduate science. Although the activities were similar - both required students to capture and share images as part of an independent inquiry activity - students in the Biology case study were more positive, overall, than the Chemistry students in their evaluation of the activity. In this paper, we examine the findings from the two case studies in parallel to provide insight into our understanding of meaningful learning in undergraduate science. The results suggest that, for meaningful learning to occur, the learning activity needs to be well aligned with students’ individual learning goals and with the objectives and characteristics of the course. In the two case studies examined in this paper, this alignment was successful for the Biology case study but less successful in the Chemistry case study."

Making science real: photo-sharing in biology and chemistry. Research In Learning Technology 20, 2 (2012)

Comment: This article is a good example of how the pedagogic framework a technology is integrated into (or not) trumps the technology itself. We are seeing an example of that now with the use of Google+. To be accepted by students, any technology must be an integral part of a course and not an obvious bolt-on.

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