Sunday, March 04, 2012

OMG he's banging on about Google+ again

Google+ I just ticked over 3000 followers on Google+, which has now become my most important social network, outstripping the value of Twitter by some distance. As I said previously, I'm not boasting about this, just making the point that you get out of a tool what you put into it. Not that all tools are equal. My Google+ network didn't happen by accident, it is the result of the time and effort I have spent curating my personal, tailor-made Google+ community, just as I did previously with the now defunct Friendfeed.

Google+ is the most important social tool to appear for years, but as with Twitter initially, most people don't get that yet. Just take a look at what we've done with AoB blog over the last 12 months:

AoB Blog
Get the picture? It's hockeystick time at Google+.

A.J. Cann

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