Thursday, March 15, 2012

Platform agnostic

Is it a secret? At a meeting this morning I was involved in a discussion about setting up an online presence to:
  • Enable online discussions between meetings
  • Publicize the work of the group
  • Solicit opinion from a wider community
The question is, how?

My position is that I don't care how we do this as long as:
  • It's either part of my current workflow (meaning, essentially, Google+), or:
  • I get in stream activity notification, preferably via RSS (or as a last desperate resort, email)
Which gives us a choice of?
  • WordPress/Blogger (no in house blog platform available)
  • Twitter (not suitable/used by all?)
  • Google+ (not used by many at present) - Google Groups better?
  • or?
What platform should we go for?


  1. Twitter. And iPad. Be assimilated.

  2. Twitter is a definite possibility, but it's not really the shop window we were hoping for.