Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Puzzlin evidence

LRA – Most accessed items March 2012

I'm still trying to figure out what drives repository stats. Last month:

Facebook, social integration and informal learning at university: ‘It is more for socialising and talking to friends about work than for actually doing work’

from June 2009 got 174 views (popular in the far East) while:

An efficient and effective system for interactive student feedback using Google+ to enhance an institutional virtual learning environment

dropped from 1st in February to 9th in March with 132 views. No obvious pattern. Top hit in repository got 232 views. Conclusion, this is just random web noise? These numbers would need to go up by at least an order of magnitude to show consistent patterns over one month. Roll on the new stats availability.


  1. Our Facebook article gets cited a lot and picked up a decent amount. I'm not surprised that the open version gets downloaded.

    Why more some months than others I don't know. It is possible that when I'm out doing social media workshops it promts a bit of interest but I don't specifically refer to it.

  2. Seems to sudden;y be popular in the far East. I seeing a lot of papers coming from that region about social media in education too.