Monday, May 28, 2012

Fun on Friday

Strategy On Friday we ran the first of our "new" (revamped) e-learning events coming out of our recent strategic review of teaching. Playing it safe, we went for the evergreen topic of online assessment. Chris talked about synchronous summative testing, I talked about asynchronous testing (formative/summative), and Duncan talked about GradeMark.

We got a small audience, no doubt partly due to the time of year, but it did remind me of the underwhelming response Jo and I got when we organized similar events years ago, and why we stopped doing this type of thing. Jo went on to experiment with a range of online offerings, on Plone and offsite, but we both believed that the helpline approach was the most effective intervention (e-Learning versus e-Teaching: Seeing the Pedagogic Wood for the Technological Trees. Bioscience Education, 5, 2005).

This morning, Sarah published a highly relevant post about her experience in Sheffield, followed up by an interesting discussion. I'm in two minds about the effectiveness of an online approach to supporting and converting new punters, but overall, I can't justify an increased online presence beyond my personal presence (which is a somewhat different issue).

So where do we go from here? More face to face events in September for sure. Apart from that, I don't know. I'm pretty certain that less is more in this regard.

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