Friday, May 04, 2012

In the other place this week

Google+ Highlights from the other place this week:

Death of Flickr. Worrying :-(
"My Flickr Pro account expires tomorrow. I will not be renewing it..."

Still making Waves
"When Google agreed to donate Wave to Apache, it had first to strip it bare. Parts of Wave can be found in Google docs. But it is to Google’s credit—and that of Messrs Mechner and Carmack—that they were willing to brave the legal and technical wrangles to make their work available to all. Other developers would do well to follow in their footsteps."

Pit-bull reviewing, the pursuit of perfection and the victims of success
I may have done eLife a disservice. If it is true that eLife will:
"promote fairness and transparency by publishing the (anonymous) referees’ reports" then it goes up in my estimation. But not much, as it sticks with the failed "Filter on the way in" publishing model rather than following the arXiv model, as it should have done.

What I'm reading (and how) [video]

Pre-publication peer review, the Gold Silver Outdated standard
Retractions of published papers are on the rise, and some scientists fear the situation is out of control.

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