Thursday, May 24, 2012

Podcasting for the 21st Century?

DJ Some of my tamer students have been tossing me marking sanity YouTube playlists (Ben Howard in the lead so far - I banned drum n' bass). But this is a role that I feel really should be filled by podcasts.

I recently moaned about podcasts here (Podcasting is (still) dying). Nothing arising from that post changed my mind. In this socially-driven age, RSS-driven formats are moribund and social playlists are winning.

With that in mind, I was interested to read about Player FM recently, which allows you to create and share bundles of podcasts. So I did: (It's a bit wordy. OK, it's a lot wordy.) While you can share a bundle, Player FM is not what I would call a truly social service. And there's no music on Player FM, presumably for legal reasons. Which set me off playing with ds106 radio (which tends to play the old man music I like) - truly social links and commentary via a twitter hashtag. But not terribly convenient. Has anyone built a mashup to display the audio and the hashtag in a single location? (Also, I don't understand the legality of ds106 radio).

So there we have it, podcasting (and RSS) still pretty much broken, you will be told what to listen to via your friend's playlists. Of course, I'm getting old, but it sounds like this could be eternity in teenage mixtape hell. Where's semantic music when you need it?

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  1. Hi Alan

    Thanks for your thoughts on Player FM. I've felt the same way about podcasting over the years, hopefully I can breathe a little life into the medium.

    True there's no music in the featured channels. The emphasis on spoken-word is mainly a combination of: my own interests; wanting to keep the service tightly focused; and spoken-word consumers are very much under-served IMO, versus the plethora of music options out there already. All this applies to the featured channels, but you can still import whatever podcasts you like by hitting the Edit button in your channel.