Friday, June 15, 2012

Presenting via a Google+ Hangout #GEUG12

Spinnaker Tower Portsmouth Portsmouth's a very nice place, but having recently come back from Estonia, it was good not to have to schlep all the way down there to speak at the Google Apps for Education European User Group meeting (#GEUG12). So I gave a talk via a Google+ Hangout, and here it is (talk starts at 05:00):

It all went very smoothly, but presenting via a Hangout in this way was a bit disconcerting. I presented with my slides (as a Google Presentation) on full screen view to max out the quality of the text, and the moderator turned their microphone off during the talk to improve sound quality, so I got no feedback from the room while speaking, which felt odd.  Overall though it seemed to go OK. I'll certainly be doing more of these in the future in preference to excessive planes, trains and automobiles. Sustainably green conferences are GO, and I'm very smug about my carbon footprint. Apart from that flight to Estonia.

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