Thursday, June 14, 2012

Reflection on how far we've come

When I started e-learning research some 15 years ago my talks used to show a pie chart on my research into student's attitudes to computers. This was a circle divided in three equal parts: philes (like computers), phobes (hate computers), and neutrals (don't care).

Looking at recent work involving the technology acceptance model for ICT (Edmunds, R., Thorpe, M. And Conole, G., 2012. Student attitudes towards and use of ICT in course study, work and social activity: A technology acceptance model approach. British Journal of Educational Technology, 43(1), pp. 71-84), I'm struck by two things.

First how far "we" have come in the last 15 years, and second, how we now need to turn the ownership-inspired over-reliance on technology around. I'm getting dangerously close to mentioning the flipped classroom here, so I'd best stop.

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