Monday, July 16, 2012

Open Access? It all depends...

RCUK has just announced its new policy on open access publishing of results. This is pretty much as the March draft, and requires either Gold or Green open access publication. So far, so good. The real sting is in the section on article processing charges:
RCUK have in the past provided support for APCs through both direct and indirect costs as part of grant funding. From 1st April 2013 and until further notice, RCUK will support the payment of APCs and other publication charges related to Research Council-funded research solely through block grants to UK Higher Education Institutions, approved independent research organisations and Research Council Institutes. Research grant applications will, therefore, no longer include provision for Open Access publication or other publication charges. In all cases universities and research organisations upon receipt of funding should transfer these charges to their institutional publication fund. A university or research organisation can then access these funds to pay for APCs for any article resulting from research council funding.
This means that where you can publish will depend on where you work. If you work in a wealthy institution, you can publish lots of articles in expensive journals. If you work in a less well off institution ... who knows?

Welcome to the iniquity of Gold open access, restricting the availability of research results.

BIS response to Finch report
Letter from David Willetts (pdf)
"Dear Janet,
Please find enclosed the Government’s response to your excellent report on open access to published research.
We are firmly committed to improving access so the Government accepts the proposals in your report, except for one specific point on VAT."

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  1. Why pay for Gold OA when as much impact can be achieved by Green OA? As we know "Gold" means commercial publisher shareholders become gold-wealthy at the expense of the research budgets.