Sunday, July 01, 2012

Refections on #ST101 - first week

Introduction to Statistics (ST101) I plan to post occasional reflections on ST101 here as the course progresses.

I've thoroughly enjoyed the first week of ST101, although I anticipate it will become more challenging in future weeks. The material so far (introductory, admittedly), is solidly at the lower end of Bloom's taxonomy. In fairness, this is Stats 101, so likely to be content heavy. But how would this model scale to higher order learning?

And does it pass the Weller MOOC test, and The MOOC Misnomer? Udacity courses are free, but the content is not directly reusable in other environments (and based on constrained, proprietary tool choices). Still the Udacity website is undeniably slick, and I'm hoping to pick up some tips on teaching statistics online, particularly with regard to assessment.

I'm looking forward to Unit 2. Another update next week.

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