Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Teaching writing for the real world

PLoSable A recent post on the PLoS Biology Blog (Reach out and teach someone) describes reuse and remixing of the Creative Commons licensed material from PLoS to encourage and train students to write about science. In particular, it describes the PLoSable initiative from Arizona State University as a rather nice exemplar.

I agree, PLoSable is nice - well written, well thought-out and well presented. But on another level, it depresses me how little such reuse occurs, reminding me what a long way we still have to go with open access. It also points to the disaster that is mixed-model gold open access, where some papers are freely available (although still copyright) and others in the same journal are not. For open access to succeed, straightforward, understandable Creative Commons licenses (as in PLoS, and AoB Plants) are an essential component, not a desirable afterthought.

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