Friday, July 13, 2012

What Students Want

email I've spent the last five years trying to kill email and promote RSS. Time for a rethink.

At the recent #GEUG12 meeting, Barry Foley from University College Cork talked about their implementation of Google Apps (start 00:50):

The most interesting part of his (excellent) talk for me was how GMail (integrated in Google Apps) has resurrected email as the primary professional comms channel. This raises other issues:
  • Email gives the differentiation between the professional and the social (facebook).
  • The failure of RSS to "stick" (yes, I know you use RSS, but there's just the two of us, no-one else does)
This is feeding into several things I'm doing at present:
  • An internal communication project where I'm stressing feedburner email subscriptions to cascade information, rather than RSS.
  • Increased use of email on large undergraduate modules for "personalization". Offering a choice of channels between public/social and private/email.

Outstanding issues:
  • A decent desktop email client (now that GMail is outlawed in these parts). Experimented with Sparrow but eventually reluctantly returned to Outlook. Sigh.
  • Do I really want to generate that amount of student email?
    Will I cope? Need to dust off my rusty old Mail Merge skills.
  • And I definitely need better tools. Sparrow didn't survive long term scrutiny. Will Postbox make the difference?

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  1. Interesting. Mailmerge to email works ok (PS. read this via G+ - can't remember the last time I checked my RSS ;)