Monday, September 03, 2012

Coursera Statistics One - Day One #stats1

Coursera Statistics One After a break over the summer, it's back to MOOCs today with the start of the Coursera Statistics One MOOC. I would like to have participated in a humanities MOOC but didn't have time over the summer and I certainly don't have time over the next few months.

Looking ahead, I'm setting myself some personal learning outcomes to measure achievement:

Learning Outcomes:
  • To learn more about the Coursera model by taking this course (and comparing with Social Network Analysis starting later this month) especially after my unhappy Udacity experience.
  • To improve my R skills by seeing how other people use it and teach it. I wouldn't have done just another statistics course, R was the hook for me on this one.

I plan to blog weekly reflections as I did with the Udacity course. There are over 75k participants enrolled, based on 10-20% completion rates for xMOOCs, so 7-10k will complete?
But will I?

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