Wednesday, September 05, 2012

EduWiki Conference 2012 #eduwiki

Stamford Hall For the next couple of days I'm at the EduWiki Conference 2012 (#eduwiki).

"A day-and-a-half conference looking at Wikipedia, Wikiversity and related charitable projects, not in terms of educational resources, but educational practice, including collaboration, open review, and global participation. It's a chance to talk about innovative work in your classroom, your institution or online community, and shape the future of Wikimedia UK's work in this area. We will explore the ways these projects can support innovative education. We will discuss the Wikipedia Education Program (in which university students improve Wikipedia articles for course credit). We will learn from universities where the program is already embedded, exploring the educational opportunities and drawing lessons from the experience so far."

While I'm gone, y'all can read this:

Wikis and Wikipedia as a teaching tool: Five years later. First Monday, 17, 9. (3 September 2012)
Just a few years ago Wikipedia was seen as a barbarian invading the ivory tower. Now, an increasing number of academics recognize that it can be used as an effective teaching tool. The following paper is divided into two parts. It beings with a discussion of the advantages of using Wikipedia as a teaching tool, an activity that goes beyond a simple addition to the teaching repertoire, and allows contributing to our society through service learning and participation in an online community of practice. Contributing to Wikipedia benefits students, instructors and the wider community. The second part focuses on practice of teaching with Wikipedia. Building on my five years of experience in teaching with wikis and Wikipedia and holding workshops on the subject, I discuss the most efficient ways to incorporate Wikipedia into the curriculum, highlight common problems and their solutions, and describe a number of new tools enhancing the “teaching with Wikipedia” experience.

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