Tuesday, October 02, 2012

5:2 diet data for @DrMichaelMosley

Dear Dr Mosley,

I watched your BBC Horizon program Eat, Fast and Live Longer when it was first broadcast on 6th August 2012. I was so interested in the findings that the next day I started a 5:2 diet which I am still maintaining.

Although weight loss was not my primary objective, in the first four weeks I lost nearly 3 kilos and my BMI went from 24.8 to 23.8. Since then my weight has stabilized, but here's the thing - I've changed shape. I have lost over two inches from my waist and had to buy new underwear, trousers and a belt to stop slippage during lectures. I have no idea what my IGF-1 has done, but to my surprise, I have found the 5:2 diet very easy to maintain and I plan to continue on it indefinitely.

Update: I was surprised at the reaction this post got yesterday. Thinking about it more last night, I've decided that I don't like the term 5:2 diet, I much prefer 5:2 lifestyle, which emphasizes the change I am trying to make, i.e. long term sustainable habit change and not solely about weight loss.


  1. I agree - easy to follow and I have also lost weight. Have coined the phrase 'I'm having a local*day' to explain when I refuse a kind offer of a donut....

    * local = low calorie geddit ?? Hey you read it here first!!