Thursday, October 18, 2012

Closing the loop

The genius that resides under the name Alun Salt has come up with another good 'un: the Google+Blog plugin for WordPress. Installing this plugin on WordPress allows us to pull tagged content from the Annals of Botany Google+ page onto our WordPress blog - including live content such as comments made on the Google+ site:

Google+Blog plugin for WordPress

Why does this matter? As we follow Andrew Baron's dictum of write once, publish everywhere so as to maximize a readership sperad across multiple domains, the economics of republishing content become more unwieldy but the importance of doing so increases. The plugin allows us to close this loop.

I wish I had similar similar functionality for this blog on the Blogger platform, where nearly all the interaction occurs on Google+ these days. Although Blogger has improved greatly over the last year, this is one area it still lags behind WordPress, and the difficulties of making Blogger and Google+ talk to each other are frustrating. Blogger has a plugin architecture ("Gadgets"), what it lacks is the user community who develop code in the way that happens with WordPress. Unless I'm missing something?

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  1. This looks like an efficient workflow solution, but you may be destroying the blog's SEO at the same time by syndicating content in this way. Google search penalises duplicate content. If you have 2 pieces of identical content on the web, one on a blog and one on Google+, it is more than likely Google will choose the G+ version as the original which will then outrank your blog (which I can't see is a good thing). Perhaps better on G+ to write paraphrased blog posts or shorter introductions linking to the blog. Matt Cutts (Head of Google Webspam)said syndicating + duplicating is not a good idea: