Friday, October 19, 2012

Learning Outcomes - the wrong way round

Target Martin Weller was questioning the value of learning outcomes on Twitter this morning, asking whether anyone ever reads them, and noting:
"...they've rather taken on a language of their own which bears a resemblance to English but isn't quite."
Do learning outcomes have any value? Like all aspects of education fossilized by officialdom, no.

Except that, in each of the MOOCs I have experimented with over the past few months, I have been careful to set my own learning outcomes at the beginning, and to measure my achievement against these, rather than any externally-imposed criteria set by someone else. So learning outcomes do have value - we've just got them the wrong way round.

See: Micropedagogy and Macropedagogy


  1. I agree. I think LOs could maybe be replaced by keywords - if really necessary - to give guidance on content and inspiration for setting personal learning objectives...

  2. Keywords is a good idea. I often make a word cloud of the content of a module and show in the first session too.