Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Week The MOOCing Had To Stop #cfhe12

MOOC You know things have reached an interesting point when complete strangers start commenting publicly on your MOOC addiction. That's happened to me three times this week (that I know about). I find this amusing. However, this was the week that the virtual world of MOOCs ran into the solid reality of life - the week the MOOCing had to stop. I've had so much fun with face to face teaching this week (and rather less fun teaching online wrestling with IE8) that I just haven't had time to engage with the four MOOCS I am supposedly taking.

I summarised my position with my current Coursera MOOCs last week, and that hasn't changed significantly. What's new this week is Current/Future State of Higher Education cMOOC (#cfhe12). While I haven't had time to engage with the first week of this course as I would have liked (such as listening to the speakers), I know enough about MOOCs now to know that it is vital that I set my personal learning outcomes for a MOOC at the outset. So here are mine for CFHE12:
  • To compare my view of HE with that of others - where does it align?
  • To experience d2l platform (mostly a bad experience in this instance ;-)
  • A space here for another possible outcome I haven't had time to think of yet (you get the picture).
However, in the spirit of the thing, here's my CFHE12 week 1 homework, a rather sad little blog reflection on my world view of HE:

The Changing Landscape of Higher Education. Educause Review February 2011 is a pretty good summary of the present situation.
Why the internet isn’t going to end college as we know it. The Atlantic July 2012 also makes some pertinent points. Futurologists always overestimate the speed of change, unless it's black swan. If it were, CFHE12 would not exist. Ergo...

And that's it. Apologies, and hopefully normal service will be resumed next week.

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  1. Please distinguish
    cMOOC and MOOC .
    They are two different world .

    I am a futurologist
    Yes edx will replace the HE within 5-7 years if there are no many opponents