Thursday, November 29, 2012

Room 237: Being an inquiry into Room 237 in 1 part

Room 237 As a post-modern criticism of post-modern criticism Room 237 is a lot of fun. As a commentary on the state of the human condition it made me want to cry at times. Sure, I did my homework before I went watch Room 237 by watching The Shining again, and it occurred to me then that the film has penetrated my dreams. So I was interested in the parts about dream like sequences was interesting, although of course all the subliminal images stuff is bollocks.
Minotaur? Mine's a pint. I always liked you Lloyd, you were always the best.
I even have some sympathy with the guy who has spent so long thinking about The Shining that he now feels trapped in the Overlook Hotel. But continuity errors spun out as conspiracy theories I don't buy (probably because I'm not rooted in the distrust generated by the American political system which constantly spawns conspiracy theories). So Room 237 is a good film, but is it a great one? How can anyone claim to make a serious commentary on The Shining without even mentioning the most notable criticism of the film to date (The Simpsons, Treehouse of Horror V, 6(6)The Shinning, 1994).
Homer, it's Moe. Uh, look, some of the ghouls and I are a little concerned the project isn't moving forward.
While overprojecting the film running backwards and forwards simultaneously is interesting, the spurious correlations generated are nowhere near as informative as intercutting the film with Groening's critique:

So as I sit looking out of my impossible window counting the cars in the car park, I conclude that you should go and watch Room 237, it's a good film. But don't take it too seriously. And make sure you watch The Shining first.

2 x 3 x 7 = 42
2 + 2 = 5
Solve for x.


  1. Kermode said that good films have a richness that allow you to read anything in to them. It's a fun thing to do (I do it with Jaws, Dawn of the Dead, etc), but as long as you know, it's not actually true. Haven't seen 237 yet, will do though, I like the whole idea of people _really_ getting into a film.
    Actually, The Shining is quite flawed, I wouldn't put it in my top 10 horror films.

  2. Except that, as Room 237 correctly points out, The Shining is not a horror film.

  3. Well they would say that wouldn't they. But, yes, yes it is. And that's a good thing.