Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What does grok mean?

Grok Regular readers will know I'm quite fond of the term grok. This sometimes results in puzzled looks, so here is my Guide to Grok (and why you should care):

Grok means to understand intuitively, deeply, empathically.

Grok is what the Internet calls scholarship.

Grok is the knowledge you cannot unlearn.

Grok is a verb. Grok is active. Grok is a doing word.

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  1. a ha ... now I really understand!

    I have a memory that in Czech there is two sorts of "think". There is a everyday verb for "I think it's in the drawer", "I think that's silly". There is another think which is a very active verb, it's a thing you do, you concentrate on: you really think about something.

    Perhaps a native czech speaker can confirm if my memory is correct!