Friday, January 04, 2013

Bloody amateurs?

HEA report Traditionally, HE teachers in the UK have been amateurs, in the sense that they are not trained teachers. Is this a good thing? If you believe in research-led teaching rather than simply reading from a textbook, it has to be. But the sad reality is the amateur model came from a time which was very different to the pile-it-high model of HE which now operates. With the system at breaking point, it cannot continue much longer. Professionalization of HE teaching is an inevitability.

HEA recently published a report on Impact of teaching development programmes in higher education. This is going to happen whether you like it or not. HEA is currently asking for comments on the report. So if you care about the future of UK HE teaching, get off your lardy post-Christmas ass and get involved.


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  1. Have always been uncertain what 'research-lead teaching' means. I think it is often used to suggest that teaching should cover cutting-edge worl that is being explored by researchers rather than that education should be research-based. Otherwise why would it be a term exclusively used in highed education. Why shouldn't primary education be research-lead too?