Thursday, January 03, 2013

Facilitating productive use of feedback in higher education

I don't always find the research literature on student feedback very helpful in formulating practical strategies, but this meta analysis of feedback research is clear, sensible and well worth a read:

Anders Jonsson (2012) Facilitating productive use of feedback in higher education. Active Learning in Higher Education 10 December 2012. doi: 10.1177/146978741246712
Although feedback has a great potential for learning, students do not always make use of this potential. This article therefore reviews research literature on students’ use of feedback in higher education. This is done in order to find answers as to why some students do not use the feedback they receive and which factors are important in influencing students’ use of teacher feedback. Findings show that utility is not only a key feature for students’ use of feedback but also that some factors, such as lack of strategies for productively using feedback or lack of understanding of academic discourse, may hinder students’ possibilities to use the information formatively.

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