Wednesday, January 30, 2013

One of those days

Fail Got into the office this morning and turned on the computer. No Internet. Ethernet wouldn't connect.

I like to think my IT use is fairly resilient but I can achieve little in my job on the average day without being online.

After a few meetings I managed to coax a little (slow) wifi access out of the system. But I couldn't send emails because SMTP didn't like the wifi.

The blank ink ran out and the replacement cartridge was the wrong one so I couldn't print.

Today was a bit of an eye opener.


  1. Go analog...learn to write again! Phone people!! I had 5 days in Ireland like that recently.

  2. Remember to take your 3G mifi to work with you every day :)

  3. (Sorry, I tried to comment at 7:33 & realised I was logged in with wrong gmail account It's telling me I've deleted it, not sure if everyone else sees a deleted message from an Emma, or just me!)

  4. Was solitaire or minesweeper still working? Day sorted

  5. The last 24 hours has been quite an eye opener. Life is going to be very interesting on the (inevitable) day that the Internet goes away from some reason.