Friday, January 18, 2013

Why does commenting suck?

Google Captcha In response to repeated complaints for readers of this blog, I changed the comments settings here yesterday, removing the anti-spam captcha. Immediately (within minutes), there was an upsurge in machine-generated spam comments. I'm currently figuring out the best way to deal with this and whether I can feasibly leave the captcha off. (Lack of the Akismet spam filter is one of the few ways Blogger still lags behind WordPress currently.)

I have always attributed comment spam to simple commercial motives, but interesting remarks by Clay Shirky reported by David Weinberger have made me think again about the motivations behind "spam".


  1. Maybe a good enough reason to migrate the blog to a WordPress hosted environment?

  2. I already run several WordPress blogs and have done for the last five years. Overall these days I have to say I prefer Blogger. Having said that, this post is more about the psychology behind commenting than the technical nuts and bolts.