Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Dangerously Radical Suggestion?

Leading by example Recently I heard an interesting story about a teacher who is sitting all the public exams on the course he has taught at the same time as his students. As far as I know he is in a separate room so as not to distract students during papers, and there's an obvious difference between public exams and HE exams set by the teaching staff. But maybe HE staff could compensate for that by sitting exams on the other modules students take rather than our own?

What if we all did that, what would student reaction be? Respect? Ridicule? Indifference?

With all this talk of MOOCs, it's easy to overlook the distance which has grown between HE teachers and students. I won't rehearse all the reason crammed into our busy lives why this has happened, just note that the problem keeps getting worse. In a culture where education and scholarship are not valued, how do academics earn student's respect? In this regard, technology is a problem rather than a solution to a difficulty. In some areas we need to stop relying on technology and lead by example.

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