Monday, February 11, 2013

Big Fat Turnitin Grademark #Fail ?

I appear to have completely misunderstood how the Post Date setting in Turnitin GradeMark works. (Or have I? It's so confusing I can't be sure.) I thought that by setting the Post Date, students could view their feedback in GradeMark but not their mark until the Post Date is reached. However, this is not the case. Post Date only works when Anonymous marking is selected in the Turnitin assignment - which is not what I want (and I'm not sure if we can set that here anyway).

So is there anyway to separate feedback from marks in GradeMark other than making two inefficient passes though the cohort, once to add feedback and then again at a later date to add the mark?


  1. I had the same problem this morning, so I am trying this:
    When a Turnitin assignment is created you nominate a post date when marks and comments are able to be viewed by students. However, a function within the LMS may enable students to see the mark earlier, unless you remember to make the Turnitin column in the Grade Centre unavailable to students. See the scenario at the end of this document for more details.
    1. From the Control Panel select Grade Centre.
    2. Scroll until the column heading for the Turnitin assignment is visible.
    3. Click the down pointing arrows next the assignment name.
    4. Select Edit Column Information.
    5. Select Show this Column to Students No.
    6. Click Submit.
    Pinched from
    because my institution doesn't support grademark.

  2. Thanks Rob. That doesn't separate marks from feedback though does it, just stops the students seeing anything?

  3. Didn't think you could give the feedback without the grade in Tii/GM...

  4. Yes, but for me, this works, in that I just want bto stop them seeing it before I've marked and conformed everyone's grade. So when I'm done, I'll switch it back on.

  5. Well interestingly, no response from Turnitin this time (unlike on previous occasions when I've posted something complimentary about their products).
    The inability to separate marks from feedback is a major pedagogic flaw in GradeMark, and now has me searching for an alternative again.