Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Let your creative juices flow

Question This is a true story.

I've had to post a number of parcels recently and I was running low on packaging materials. Walking to work yesterday I spied a sturdy cardboard shoebox in a skip [dumpster]. I'm having that, I said. When I got to work and opened it, what do you think it contained?

To help start you off, I'll give you a few clues. It wasn't:
  • Air (though technically correct in part, too boring to mention)
  • Nothing
  • Footware, or other clothing
  • Money
  • Drugs
  • Weapon(s)
  • Body parts
  • Excrement

Be creative.


  1. A journalist for the Daily Mail, weeping inconsolably because his latest story had been mangled by sub-editor into something interesting, truthful and lacking any obvious political bias.

  2. A copy of "Principles of Molecular Virology"

  3. All reasonable guesses, apart from the topological inconsistencies.

    The answer was: the outer packaging from an interesting range of sex toys, which someone presumably didn't want to put in their own dustbin.
    I'm still having the nightmare where I'm being chased by the Jumbo Double Penetration Vibrator.