Saturday, February 16, 2013

Positive academic outcomes of Facebook use


Chan, C.L., Fu, W.E., Lai, K.R., and  Tseng, S.F. (2013) Feasibility study of using social networks platform for learning support: an example of Facebook
  • In this study, we explored the students’ computer-supported collaborative learning behavior based on the Facebook platform
  • Sixty two senior college students major in Information Management took Decision Support System (DSS) class. Besides the lectures and class discussion, the students participated in the DSS Facebook for collaborative learning. 
Reasonable sample size, although not huge.
  • We found that students’ characteristics (e.g. gender and mindset of learning) are important factors to affect their Facebook usage behavior and learning performance
  • The students using DSS Facebook more often get better performance in their final projects, learning satisfaction and the online communication behavior survey. 
  • We also found that gender affects the usage of social network platform. For instance, male students use social networks platform several times per week and get better performance in online communication, learning satisfaction and creativity self-efficacy.
We have the same observations (in press), but I would current argue that academic facebook usage is a proxy for academic engagement rather than a inherent major driver. See: Time on Task

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