Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Great Ink Ripoff

The great ink ripoff Printers are the bane of my existence. Every time I turn my printer on the bloody thing won't work. Over the last few months I've become convinced that Hewlett Packard is out to get me and I have developed a
ritual for turning the printer on which involves cursing Hewlett Packard and swearing that I'll never ever buy another Hewlett Packard printer. It seems that I have to put new ink cartridges in the damn thing every time I want to print. But am I completely paranoid? According to an article in The Guardian, seemingly not (Printer ink cartridges: why you're paying more but getting a lot less).

For example, the Epson T032 colour cartridge (released in 2002) is the same size as the Epson colour T089 (released in 2008). But the T032 contains 16ml of ink and the T089 contains just 3.5ml of ink. It's a similar story with Hewlett Packard (HP) cartridges. A decade ago, the best-selling HP cartridge had 42ml of ink and sold for about £20. Today, the standard printer cartridges made by HP may contain as little as 5ml of ink but sell for about £13. Cut open a HP inkjet cartridge and you'll find what is going on. The size of the sponges inside, which hold the ink, have progressively reduced over the years. The rest of the cartridge is now simply empty space. In Epson cartridges, meanwhile, the ink tank has been systematically reduced in size.

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