Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I haz a tumblr

tumblr To be strictly accurate, I now haz many tumblrs. It's addictive.

I've had a tumblr account for over 5 years, longer than I've been on Twitter. Actually, in that time, I've had several tumblr accounts as I struggled to either find a purpose for tumblr or to make it fit a particular task. None of those efforts went anywhere until, snow bound on Saturday, I spent the day making an effort to grok the tumblr culture in much the same way as I recently tackled reddit head on (The effect formerly known as Slashdot).

And I like it. It's fast, flexible, social, and so far, very good. The upshot is I am currently running four tumblr "blogs" (microblogs would be a better term):
AJC - my personal blog/scratchpad

AoB Understorey - looking at behind the scenes at AoB Blog.

MicrobiologyBytes - the latest news about microbiology.

#SGMMan - a personal view of the SGM Spring Conference.

Of these, the last one is perhaps the most interesting - a nice rich snapshot of a conference experience. Finally, I get tumblr and I can see myself using it as a default go to site in future.

I wonder what took me so long?

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