Friday, March 29, 2013

What I did right

Tick Most of the things I touch turn to ashes, so occasionally it's nice to remind myself of things I did right.

Even before Harriet Jones inspirational seminar in February I had decided to challenge my final year students by raising my expectations. Although I don't have the final outcomes yet, demanding more worked well from my perspective, even though I did need to back off from my initial enthusiasm slightly.

  • All in all I thought the module was great and I am really happy to have chosen it. I found it interesting and I was very impressed in the way it was taught. My only worry is the amount of information we must learn and understand just from the lectures themselves, as well as having to do a lot of extra reading in the hopes of getting a decent mark in the exams. 
  • The weekly newsletter is very interesting and helpful!
  • It was certainly very challenging, however, it did provide a lot of cutting edge research to read on a very important and stimulating topic of research. 
  • Very good module, probably one of the best this year.
  • I think the structure of the module has been very good. Dr Cann has provided us with sufficient extra material to read. All the lecture material was organised in a good way, and the notes provided within the powerpoint presentation are also extremely helpful. It was made clear to us throughout the course what level of detail we needed to know in order to do well ad achieve high grades. I think Dr Cann is awesome!!!

Raising my expectations definitely feels like something I did right. I can't claim to have been as reckless as I intended to be this year so far. But I am trying.

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