Sunday, April 07, 2013

The Missing Links 7th April 2013

Curation A weekly roundup of interesting stuff. Choose what you will.

The Fat Tax Is The Thin End Of The Wedge. Fair enough? Or is it?

The revolution will not be televised but who cares? It’s on YouTube.

The PC is Dead. Well, dead-ish.

The Guardian: Andrew Wakefield: autism inc

Online classes cannot be counted on to revive a beleaguered public system

Academics’ resistance to summative peer review of teaching: questionable rewards and the importance of student evaluations

How to delete yourself from the internet [video]

Prospective students are increasingly influenced by university league tables when deciding where to study

Academics prefer to publish their research under the most restrictive forms of copyright.

"The iPad is a consumption device... Apple has made it clear that education is about content delivery and testing, no longer about the power to be your best.”

Brian Ford puts his finger of the problem with the Amazon GoodReads buyout - monopoly.

An idea for Michael Gove. Why don’t we just run education based on a series of league tables?

Feedly finally has a business model. All it needs now is a decent user interface that puts function over flash.

To Save Everything, Click Here: The Folly of Technological Solutionism

Fancy a curry? Unpack the carbon footprint of your evening meal with a smartphone app.

Reader is the flower that allows the news bees to pollinate the social web. What If The Google Reader Readers Just Don’t Come Back?

Imagine if you were a super-villain who had taken control of all the world’s gold, and had decided to melt it down to make a cube. How big would it be? Hundreds of metres cubed, thousands even?

In a networked society, who among us gets to decide where the moral boundaries lie?

If the debate about the ebook is to move on from nostalgic raptures over smell and rampant gadget-fetishism, it’s time to think about the real fundamentals.

MOOC Honor Codes - oxymoron? We don’t in general have honour codes in the UK (we go for the capital offence model), so I’ve never completely got my head around the idea.

The British educational establishment should ignore online open courses at its peril.

Saving data donkeys in quicksand with tags. The shock of figuring out what metadata is for….

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