Monday, April 08, 2013

Try, try and fail again

Evernote With the impending demise of Google Reader, and with it, Starred Items, which is my ToDo inbox, I made another attempt to love Evernote. This, like all previous attempts, failed.

GR Starred Items works for me because it is in my workflow - most of the content I bookmarked came from RSS feeds. It failed when I wanted to file content from other sources. That's why Evernote was an attractive idea.

Why did Evernote fail to do it for me again? It's not in my workflow, it's a ghetto destination I don't visit. Also, Evernote has too many bells and whistles, stuff I don't need -  too much complexity, too much distraction.

So what worked? Email of course. The Send to Email button in Safari is nice, but if you don't have one, it's easy to install a Send to Email bookmarklet, such as this one. Don't know how to do this? It's easy.

Stage Two: Tagging emails is the answer to a smooth workflow. I have found Gmail tags simple and powerful, it's just a question of getting into the habit. You can tag email in any decent client though, not just Gmail.

Email. It just works. Unless of course you're not using tags?

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  1. I love Evernote for... wait for it... taking notes .... on any device. But that is all I use it for. Evernote will probably sunset me because I do not want to Go Pro. The basic is fundamental to my work and the only thing that, for me, makes an iPad useful.

    Email is too cluttered for me, or I am too ill disciplined for it though I will give more disciplined tagging a go and reminder to self... cancel all those subscriptions that I simply filter to trash...

    Feedly is my answer to the demise of Reader. I started to use Feedly as a multi-platform alternative to Flipboard and It has grown on me. Apparently seamless migration from G Reader, prettier interface, star and tag. What's not to like, if you like an RSS reader.