Thursday, May 02, 2013

Probing the Mysteries of GradeMark

Recently I was talking to a colleague at a conference about seeming differences in the behavior of Turnitinin GradeMark in different implementations. This morning I emailed him to follow up and ask how personal tutors and markers know if students have viewed their feedback. The answer to the first question is straightforward:
The form of tutor notification that students have seen their feedback is when they telephone to thank or complain about their score.

The second one is a little more complex. A notification icon appears in the "Response" column of the instructor inbox [that's Course Tools: TurnitinUK Assignments to you mere mortals]. Hovering on the icon will display a message that the student has viewed the paper and when the latest 30+ second viewing took place:


Of course, what they were doing in that 30 seconds is anyone's guess....

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