Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Reader

FRSStration I'm still pretty happy with The Old Reader, apart from the inability to organize feeds in folders and lingering concerns about the sustainability of their business model. For that reason, I'm still looking at alternatives and I was excited by the announcement about being able to import OPMLs into 

Sadly, after a bit of a play it's clear that the linear display is no substitute for a full fat RSS reader such as TOR, but it's a positive move for WordPress and a pat on the back to them for that.


  1. You can have folders in the old reader, but it's not particularly intutitive. Mine were preserved on import from Google and the oldreader help says:
    "You can drag & drop feeds and folders to change their position. Creating a new feed folder is as easy as dragging a feed to an empty space below your last folder. Empty folders are removed automatically."