Thursday, June 06, 2013

Channel Hopping

Alan Cann - YouTube Education Section The YTCA mooc has inspired (or at least, motivated) me to do something about my YouTube presence. The first thing I did was to spruce up my YouTube Channel following the advice from week 1 of YTCA, so this now has a trailer video, channel description, artwork and a few other goodies.

YouTube only allows one channel per account, and like many people, I use my YouTube account as a general repository for multiple purposes, so it doesn't have a clear brand identity (I can speak YTCA). I've got multiple Google accounts, but signing in and out is a pain, with inevitable mistakes arising from being in the wrong place. After a little detective work (Google really doesn't make this easy), I figured out that you can divide a channel into sections, which is pretty close to what I want to do, so I now have a microbiology section, and an education section, where I warble about edtech and such - hence the new link in the sidebar ->

For the effort I've put into YTCA so far, I'd say it has paid me back pretty well. I really like these light touch Google mini-mooc's as I find them much more useful than the 12-week-masquerading-as-degree-course jobbies being peddled by Coursera and Udacity.

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