Wednesday, June 19, 2013

HRP258 Statistics in Medicine, Units 2 - whatever...

HRP258 Last week I posted about my first interaction with Stanford's HRP258 Statistics in Medicine.
This week I tried to engage with the rest of the course, but failed.

Why? I'm not entirely sure, but probably too little variation, just video lectures and online quizzes stretching endlessly into the future to the very crack of doom. Also, no further mention of R, Deducer, or whatever. Just talk, talk, talk.

So that's it for me on HRP258. How did I do on my intended learning outcomes?
  1. A gander at this implementation of the the OpenEdX platform - it's slick, but quite boring, at least in this iteration.
  2. To improve my statistics knowledge - possibly; the content of this MOOC was good, but the delivery was a bit tedious.
  3. To improve my R skills - nope, the bait and switch killed that.
I think this may be the quickest I've ever bailed out of a MOOC. From this we learn that content (good in this case) can be killed by delivery.

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