Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I Was Wrong

feedly Although I'm still fighting down waves of hatred towards Cheatin' Taxweasel, I'm gradually coming to terms with the untimely death of Cheatin' Taxweasel Reader.

Initially, I thought the answer to the problem was The Old Reader, and while I still feel TOR gives it the old college try, I've gradually fallen out of love with it over the past few weeks. Nothing specific, it's just not as functional as I'd like.

I was on the point of stumping up for NewsBlur when +George Station shared this link: How to Make Feedly Look Like Google Reader. I've never been attracted by Feedly so I was pretty skeptical about this, but I re-installed the browser extension and started to try out the recommendations in the post. And got a surprise. Feedly became tolerable, almost likeable.

I well remember the pain I went through when Bloglines let me down one time too many and I had to make the switch to Cheatin' Taxweasel Reader. It's fair to say I didn't fall in love with Reader instantly. Tweaking Feedly feels like much the same process. Unlike TOR, the more I use feedly, the more I'm starting to tolerate it. For example, I just discovered this:
Feedly keyboard shortcuts

So I suspect that my treasured RSS feeds may have found their new home. Apart from one small problem - Feedly lock in. There's no way to export your RSS subscriptions from Feedly when the inevitable time to move on comes. And if there's one thing Cheatin' Taxweasel Reader has taught us, it's this:

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