Wednesday, June 05, 2013

In #YTCA the medium is the message - Lessons 1-3

YouTube Creator Academy YouTube Creator Academy started this week, and as is my practice I'll be posting weekly reflections here to keep me engaged.

#YTCA isn't a cMOOC or an xMOOC - it's a gMOOC. Google is running everything on its own platforms - Google Groups for forums (hate Google Groups, but at least they're better then Blackboard discussion groups), Google+ +1's for polls, etc.

In the first lesson, I found the analytics hints particularly useful, e.g. emphasis on watch time over views.
Drive subscribers to drive watch time (key metric for display algorithms).
How best to drive subscribers?
  • Regular and advertised posting schedule. 
  • Posting frequency.
  • Consistent content model.
  • Social media pimping.
Clearly, I'm not doing any of this right :-)
Video Manager > Analytics > Views > Reports > Traffic Sources

Mobile is top driver for video content - this is lean forward not sit back!

Lesson 2 was the hard sell for the controversial YouTube One Channel design.

Lesson 3 went all Apprentice with branding to sell physical stuff.

Marks for YTCA out of 10 so far? 6.

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