Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Digital Literacy in the Disciplines

"Institutions tend not to act in unison unless a common challenge is placed upon them: MOOCs have been a recent notable digital wave, but perhaps it’s more of a ripple than a tsunami as apparently few stay on far for its ride even if the cost is (theoretically) low. Their loosely/ rapidly structured approach may show little threat to a carefully validated and scaffolded degree programme, led by expert pilots who have already led many a cohort through difficult waters. The lightweight digital canoes of the MOOC participants are nothing compared to the leviathans of the tanker-sized institutions and the wake of their histories. But like the music industry, the leviathans do fear a challenge of piracy, albeit in a different form. You can do a lot with a million canoes."

Digital Literacy in the Disciplines – Initial project participants meeting

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