Thursday, July 04, 2013

DuckDuck Science

DuckDuck I had some interesting backchannel anti-Google conversations following my post earlier this week, Why Blog?

We tossed around the idea that although undoubtedly one factor in the fall of science blog pageviews is more completion, the much vaunted rise of social recommendation has not matched the fall in organic search referrals. Is is possible that tweaks to the Google algorithms have something to do with this? While algorithm changes are advertised by Google as anti-spam, it may be that non-Adwords sites are not as highly favoured (in search results not just direct ad clicks) as they used to be!

One of the outcomes of all this was that I spent a bit of time playing around with DuckDuckGo, which I haven't used for some while, and I was favourably impressed. That said, Cheatin' Taxweasel still has me firmly in its thrall for a number of reasons.
Image search, something I use multiple times every day.

And Google Scholar, the neglected stepchild which Google will eventually get around to axing because it doesn't make any money.

Oh, and GMail. Try as hard as they might to spoil it, it's still lovely.

Honestly, I haven't missed Reader at all, which has surprised me greatly. I'd love to ditch Cheatin' Taxweasel completely, but the pain at the moment would just be too great. Which, of course, they are well aware of.

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