Thursday, July 18, 2013

#HEAdigilit meeting 17.07.2013

HEA I was in York yesterday at HEA HQ for the first project meeting on the Digital Literacies in the Disciplines programme. These are my rough contemporaneous notes of the meeting.

Terry McAndrew (JISC TechDis) Introduced the session by talking about the background to the programme, plus a little information about Xerte.

Helen Beetham talked about the JISC Developing digital literacies in the disciplines work
12 projects funded (HEA strand is one)
JISC Design studio (pbworks wiki)
Do we need subject digilit specific profiles, or are generic more powerful?
Does the process need to be owned by departments, or will such outcomes only be locally relevant?
Digilit = critical, reflective use of technology (lol, vs VLEs and compulsory Xerte)
Digital literacy profiles - useful tools available: and
I'd like our participating students to use these survey tools next term and produce radar graphs of the sort Helen showed.
JISC Lessons:
- Avoid over specifying
- Stress process over outcome
- Involve as wide a range of stakeholders as possible
- Generic technologies are as important as subject-specific technologies

David Lewis (Leeds) Final year undergraduate research projects
Digital resources projects - many graduate destinations - science communication - create, evaluate and disseminate

Jane Guiller (Glasgow Caledonian) Cyberpsychology learning objects
Aropa peer assessment system

Kate Borthwick (Southampton) XML - Xerte for Modern Languages
Replace creation of ppt presentation with creation of a Xerte object in a first year module.
Digital champions network (students) for sustainabilit.
[Like the idea of starting with first years and building rather than final year down]

Kay Hack (Ulster) Employability in Life and Health Sciences
Employability skills around job applications.

Jamie Wood (Lincoln) Making Digital History
Xerte for history lo's. Assessment criteria? (Essay replacement)
Fits well with institutional policy, good technical support.
Also aim to produce Xerte training resources.

Abigail Thompson and Clare Winder (Myerscough College, UCLAN) Teacher Training
Creating Xerte training objects (with a bit of learning design?)
Cascading into subjects via trainee teachers

We concluded the day with a project management discussion.

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