Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How to Learn Math

EDUC115N I've just started on Stanford's EDUC115N How to Learn Math. To be perfectly honest, the last thing I feel I need right now is another MOOC. I feel totally burned out with online courses.

So I was surprised when I dived in for a quick look. This has a very different feel from all of the other MOOCs I have "done". It's more like an online seminar than a bootcamp course. Assessment is very firmly in the background, although you can get a certificate of achievement if you complete 85% of all the sessions/tasks. 50% of the course content (4 sessions) have been put online at the start, the other 4 sessions will follow at the end of the month, so it's very self paced. The deadline for completion is September 28th. The organizers are clearly gathering participant data as they go to shape future courses - they've said do.

This is a course I want to complete. If you have any interest in maths teaching I would recommend you join the course at this early stage. Chapeau Jo Boaler!

"As teachers, our job is to disrupt the trajectories of students".

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