Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Massive open online courses and online distance learning: review

Report Massive open online courses and online distance learning: review. Department for Business, Innovation & Skills, 18 September 2013

"This survey of MOOC and ODL literature aims to capture the state of knowledge and opinion about MOOCs and ODL, how they are evolving, and to identify issues that are important, whether consensual or controversial...
The Burning Issue in the MOOCosphere is the search for business models – and all the associated sub-issues of scale, sustainability monetisation, accreditation for MOOC learning and openness. Our report focuses in depth on analysis of this topic in the literature. The survey suggests that after a phase of broad experimentation, a process of maturation is in place. MOOCs are heading to become a significant and possibly a standard element of credentialed University education, exploiting new pedagogical models, discovering revenue and lowering costs."


  1. My favourite bit is where it's a literature review and doesn't appear to be aware of the two major literature reviews already done in this space. Priceless.

  2. Just in the interests of making the web a more useful place, those lit reviews: Liyanagunawardena, Adams, Williams : MOOCs: A Systematic Study of the Published Literature 2008-2012

    and - Frances Bell: Connectivism: Its Place in
    Theory-Informed Research and Innovation in TechnologyEnabled Learning

    Between the two you have the complete published history of MOOCs and (equally as important) the underpinning pedagogic theory.