Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Supporting assessment and feedback practice with technology

The Jisc Assessment and Feedback programme (Sept 2011-Aug 2014) has worked with 40 higher education providers seeking to review and enhance their assessment and feedback practice through the appropriate use of technology. The projects have worked directly with over 2,200 staff and more than 6,000 students covering all of the main academic disciplines and the outcomes of their work have directly impacted a far greater number (in excess of 40,000 students). This report summarises the main themes and findings from the programme up to October 2013.

Ferrell, Gill. Jisc (2013) Supporting assessment and feedback practice with technology: from tinkering to transformation.

Selected conclusions:
  • Whilst difficulties in attributing specific outcomes to particular technology interventions are inevitable, there is compelling evidence that the use of technology can support the implementation of educational principles and enhance learning.
  • Over-assessment and assessment bunching have a negative impact on student attainment.
  • Students at all levels need better support and development to enable them to engage effectively with assessment and feedback practice.
  • Students need to be made aware of the benefits of engaging with assessment and feedback practice and developing their own evaluative capabilities in terms of improving their personal employability.
  • End-to-end electronic assessment management is not easy to achieve but, for possibly the first time, the technical capabilities exist if institutions can design and implement appropriate business processes. (Hmmm...)
  • There is a compelling case for e-submission in terms of improving efficiency and meeting student expectations.
  • Online marking has reached a level of maturity whereby the evidence for its effectiveness and efficiency may soon result in a critical mass of institutions and academics adopting the practice.
  • Electronic assessment management is a pre-requisite for capturing and analysing the data needed to enhance learning through effective use of learning analytics.

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