Tuesday, October 22, 2013

TiL ... I have zero prospect of getting to the end of this FutureLearn MOOC


Left some feedback on the site - which is very interesting as it allows you to see the feedback left by other people. This confirmed my feelings about the FutureLearn platform - it's barely a beta at present. I did get an email response to the comment I left.

And linking course units to articles behind commercial paywalls is ... perverse. I'm not convinced these guys get "MOOC".


  1. Quite, on our MOOC, all assignments at the end, and you had four weeks to do it (so a little bit flexible) and now all the teaching materials (bar reading) are on the Open Web.

    But do not question the OU. Never.

  2. I'm sure the OU would never do the paywall thing. Never. And I'm pretty sure they'd blame UEA for this one.

  3. I've been wondering what happens if you don't complete the week in time. The 'X days left' is pretty annoying. In the spirit of testing, I'm half tempted to not complete in time and see what happens. Although it sounds like all I need to do is check out the public feedback from all those who didn't finish the first week in time...

    1. Actually, it seems like ... nothing happens. So the "x days left" link is a bit misleading.

    2. But what is it to do - encourage people?