Friday, June 20, 2014

Barriers To Biology Fieldwork

Quadrant This paper considers a range of factors that may contribute to an unwillingness or inability of teachers to participate in the teaching of biology through fieldwork. Through a synthesis of the views of both pre-service teachers in training and primary school teachers in practice we explore the relative importance of a wide range of potential barriers and potential responses to them in the context of the wider literature. We conclude that although fieldwork may be impeded by the interaction of a wide range of individual barriers, including an individual’s predisposition towards the outdoors, it is possible to group interacting barriers into two main areas: school culture and teacher confidence. It is also apparent that barriers may assume different levels of significance when considered in general terms rather than when applied to a particular context and that the significance of barriers may change through time. Encouragingly, we have also shown that in-service teachers have a willingness to overcome these barriers.

Scott, Graham W., Margaret Boyd, Lisa Scott, and Derek Colquhoun. Barriers To Biological Fieldwork: What Really Prevents Teaching Out of Doors? Journal of Biological Education ahead-of-print (2014): 1-14.

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