Thursday, June 05, 2014

Engaging Students with Audio Feedback

Audio feedback
Students express widespread dissatisfaction with academic feedback. Teaching staff perceive a frequent lack of student engagement with written feedback, much of which goes uncollected or unread. Published evidence shows that audio feedback is highly acceptable to students but is underused. This paper explores methods to produce and deliver audio feedback to a range of students engaged in a variety of academic tasks with the aim of maximising student engagement while working towards a framework which could increase the use of audio feedback by teaching staff.

Alan Cann (2014) Engaging Students with Audio Feedback. Bioscience Education. doi: 10.11120/beej.2014.00027

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  1. Hi Alan,
    I'm interested in this because my student survey showed students were not that interested in audio feedback, but then other reports suggest students are never that keen before hand. After they've experienced audio feedback, they are more positive towards it.