Monday, June 09, 2014

Why I fell in love with Blipfoto

Blipfoto Many years ago I was an enthusiastic photographer (Pentax K, FP4). Now I am on my way to becoming one again.

Over the past couple of weeks I've been making an effort to use the camera in my phone every day. At first, as an ex-photographer with failing eyesight, I didn't enjoy it at all. But gradually I got to like it more and more, pushing the limits of what a phone camera can do (and filling me with the urge to buy a proper camera again after many years). But what had the most impact was joining Blipfoto, an online photo sharing site where users upload one photo a day as a journal entry.

I've had a Flickr Pro account for years and most of the images here are hosted on Flickr, but that community has never engaged me in the way that Blipfoto does. Likewise Instagram. And since I use Flickr for "work", the mix with more personal use is not an easy one. (To say nothing about my reservations concerning Yahoo's stewardship of Flickr.) Using this word-dominated blog as a photo journal also didn't feel right, but what clinched it was the community at Blipfoto. That and the reflective nature of choosing, posting and writing about one image a day rather than the constant barrage of Instagram.

So please subscribe to me on Blipfoto (RSS feed here), and consider joining yourself.

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  1. Will enjoy your images, as they develop (sic); you've prompted me to go back to use the service again myself. Backlog to October on its way!!!